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Every month they arrive, and every month you offer yourself.

You are The Supplicant, the only member of your village that communes with monsters, fallen divinities, and eldritch beings. Choose from a self-guided tabletop game, or a branching interactive Twine to explore the lines of compassion between yourself and others.

Created for Hot Horror Jam 2019.

Writing/Design: @deathmeetauthor (Twitter)

Art/Design: @zeuswares

There are 3 versions of the game available for download.  Content warnings are provided with all versions.

  • The text-only tabletop PDF, which has no images and is SFW (marked as such).
  • The illustrated tabletop PDF, which has images that contain artistic nudity.
  • The Twine game, which has images that contain artistic nudity and options for physical/erotic intimacy in the text. 
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(112 total ratings)
Authorsdeathmeetauthor, zeuswares
TagsHorror, Romance, supernatural, Twine


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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your body, an altar (SFW tabletop edition).pdf 82 kB
your body, an altar (NSFW tabletop edition v1.1).pdf 1 MB
your body, an altar (Twine) 352 kB


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As I was going through games in the bundle for racial justice and equality, I saved this game to try and just went through the twine game and it quite literally took my breath away. the pacing, the writing, absolutely incredible. I had such a lovely time and it pushes me to take it upon my own little journal to see what stories I can bring out as well! an excellent experience all around.


A friend recommended this game to me, and I was specifically interested in the twine version, though I did read the PDF versions first, and thought they spoiled me for the twine version, but they SUPER didn't, and the twine version is so good, I have played every route, clicked every link, I want to eat your words, they are so good, this is literally everything I have ever wanted to see exist in the world, like you?  YOU GET IT.

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Hello! I got your game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and I noticed the Twine version isn't registered in the IGDB, which makes it appear as an "Unknown Game" in GOG Galaxy 2.0. (the universal game launcher, which is awesome). Could you please try adding it? You might want to read that first though: https://github.com/twitchtv/igdb-contribution-guidelines/wiki/Adult-Games to determine whether it's allowed.

Disclaimer: English isn't my native language so I did not play the game because I don't have the time (and energy... 🥺) to invest right now.


Right click the game in gog galaxy and click edit and you can add a proper title.

Hi there! I would love to purchase your game, but I don't own a credit card (not very common where I live) -  is there a way for me to pay you without credit?

Email me at ivorytowercommissions@gmail.com!

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Hello! I can't seem to download the twine version.. it keeps saying server error problem (not error, my bad), is that an itch.io problem? I can download the pdfs just fine though.

I think it might be? I was just able to download it myself no issue. If you want me to email you the HTML, just respond with an email and I'll send it your way.

hello, sorry for the late reply. I just received my computer back from repairs and wanted to let you know it was indeed something wrong with my computer lol, sorry about that.

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I highly recommend this game to anyone with an interest in subtle horror and sensuality. It is not explicitly sexual but definitely titillating. It also explores compassion and loneliness in a really beautiful manner. I'm looking for more writing and games in this style. If you're a fan of horror with a more psychological side, you should check this out.


This game is haunting and beautiful. It displays trust and intimacy as service and mercy, it is the desire to understand, appreciation of that understanding, and mutual respect for boundaries and desires alike.


Played the Twine version and my GOD this game is breathtaking (ha!). Really gorgeous and poetic writing, and I love the art. This game despite its short length feels very rich and textured and... indulgent, somehow! I really love the way this game explores vulnerability and intimacy. I can't stop thinking about it! 



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This game is so good, and much less scary and sexual than you would imagine from the description and the home screen content warnings. I played the Twine version of the game and loved the choose your own adventure feel and constant opportunities to tap out if it gets to be too much. 

The best way I can describe this game is that it’s emotionally titillating, in fear and desire (sexual or otherwise). It’s just enough to give you goosebumps, but nothing to keep you up at night terrified or horny. Oh, and it’s absolutely beautifully written with incredible sound design.


+1 with the exception that I cannot say for certain it won't leave you horny.

What a special experience!

I played the Twine version. It was rather short, around an hour or less, but well worth it. There are 6 total paths you can take and each one explores an aspect of humanity even though you are interacting with entities that are not human. The emphasis on compassion and connection is wonderful. As the main character you enter a space of vulnerability where you both give and receive.

The writing is also phenomenal, as well as the artwork and music that accompanies it. This game was very effective in setting up a good atmosphere, and I suggest you play somewhere quiet with little distraction and really soak it in.

Beautifully made. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it! 


While the game isn't awfully long, it was wonderfully written. I was captivated every second with the detail, and as others have said, it's much more sensual and gentle than the CW lets on. Does contain some slightly disturbing imagery in some parts. Starts off seemingly dark, but really is about empathy and opening up to someone


Something I truly enjoyed, felt the chills when the imagery was so strong I could almost feel the breath of the Other. Interestingly enough, lighter than you'd expect, due to the content warnings. All you need to connect is a willing heart, and an open mind, and this game was delightful.

I downloaded Twine but can't run this game, could you help me? I can see the whole structure of the game but after clicking play it directs to a black page on Edge, nothing happens...  

Unfortunately I don't know about any incompatibilities with Edge. I'd recommend trying another browser if you can!


Art and writing are phenomenal and encourage further imaginations. I've been replaying it at night to feel the ambience again, which both stills and rekindles my craving for more.


I really love this game. It's one of the most interestingly sensual and intimate things I've ever had the pleasure to read. Honestly I really hope OP does more stuff in this universe.


I feel like this game was made for me, personally. It's so exactly  my shit but also greatly exceeded my expectations. The art is gorgeous and the writing is wonderful and evocative. 10/10, 5 stars, two thumbs up, would and have recommended to a friend, this spoke to my soul and made me feel things.


Fascinating and more easily digestible than it originally appears. The writing is initially foreboding (especially the content warnings) but ultimately gentler than it appears. Several stories about negotiating emotional exchange between hurt people. These moments can be frightening, but they are also kind.


Might be a bit long and I'll try to keep it spoiler free, for those glancing at comments questioning about giving it a go.

In the short and easy, I highly recommend this even if it might not be your cup of tea at a glance initially. (Twine, then PDFs if interested.)

I enjoyed this thoroughly and appreciate the warnings at the start, the tone and the way things went felt like it'd be really heavy on the heart.

To my surprise it turned out lighter (marginally) than I expected but no less deep in each part, together with the art, really helped tie things together all the better.

The choice in sounds and music, on point and fantastic. (The resounding thrum at points, sent a shiver through my joints.)

The number of routes and differences between them is great, and leaves me in a state, of wanting more and seeing how a continuation would play out from each in terms of art and writing as the Supplicant goes about.